Designing the Perfect Home Office Garage Conversion in Burbank, CA

Designing the Perfect Home Office Garage Conversion in Burbank, CA

Let’s face it: while many people enjoy the perks of working from home (who wants to sit in Burbank, CA traffic?), it’s sometimes difficult to find the peace and quiet necessary to be productive at home. This is especially true for homeowners who don’t have a dedicated office space in their home. If you’re having difficulty finding an ideal place to work at home, you might consider a garage conversion to achieve some much needed workday solitude. Below, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider as you design your perfect home office in your garage.

Size Matters

Everyone’s spacing needs are different, and the space you’ll need for your home office will likely depend on the work you’ll be doing in it. Are you an artist, looking to create a more expansive studio space? You’ll probably want to have a lot of open space in which you can create and store your work. Are you a remote worker, working at your desk most of the day and conducting Zoom meetings? You might have less need for space than other types of workers.

Before you design your perfect home office, consider what is absolutely essential in your workspace. Then, calculate how much space it takes up. After that, you should have a good idea of how you want to lay out your home office space.

Power Up

white wall electric socket
Make sure you have plenty of outlets located in appropriate places to power up your home office.

Most jobs require tools that require power. Whether you’re a carpenter who wants to turn your garage into a workshop; a remote worker who needs to plug in a computer, monitor, printer, etc.; or a musician with a need for a home studio in which to record, having sufficient power is critical.

Work with your electrician to ensure you have sufficient outlets to meet your power needs, and if access to the internet is critical for your work, make sure you have a dedicated router or a satellite located nearby so you have the strongest signal possible.

Sweet Seclusion

What’s the point of having your own dedicated office space if you can still hear everything going on in the rest of the house? If silence is essential to your perfect home office, you might consider sound proofing your garage conversion. If you plan to open up the walls to the studs, you can choose to fill them with dampening material. This will help keep external noise out and internal noise in. A cheaper alternative is to buy acoustic panels which you can attach to the walls, though these materials are better designed to keep interior noises inside your home office rather than keeping external noises out.

At Creative Innovation Developers Inc., we design home office garage conversions that work for our clients’ particular needs and lifestyles. If you’re curious about learning more or want to get started on converting your garage, contact us today! We’ll provide a free consultation and estimate to determine if a garage conversion is right for you.