How to Keep Roofing Costs Low

How to Keep Roofing Costs Low

People don’t often think much about their roof until it becomes obvious that it needs replacing. But the cost of replacing an entire roof can be expensive, especially when it is unexpected. If you’re a homeowner looking to keep your roofing costs down, there are a few, easy steps you can take to avoid the sticker shock of a big roof replacement bill.

A very worn wood shingle roof overgrown with moss.
One of the best ways to keep roofing costs low is to inspect and maintain your current roof for as long as possible.

The easiest way to avoid replacing an entire roof is to repair portions of your roof when they begin to see wear or damage. Simple and routine maintenance like yearly roofing inspections can keep you up-to-date on the state of your roof and help you plan for upcoming roofing costs. Such maintenance and inspection becomes especially important as your roof ages. If your roof is fifteen years or older, consider talking with a roofing expert about how to keep it functioning well as long as possible.

If you know you need to replace your entire roof, there are dependable ways to save money while installing a reliable, new roof. The number one factor to consider is your roofing cost per square foot, and this often comes down to materials. Labor costs for roofing installation usually take up 40-50% of the entire cost, depending on your area and the roofer you choose. This means that materials selection is often the easiest and best way to keep your cost of roofing low.

When it comes to cost effective and durable roofing materials, most homeowners choose asphalt shingles. The cost of asphalt shingles typically range from $1 to $2 and come in a variety of color options. They’re also a good option in terms of durability, as most asphalt shingle roofs will last between 15 to 30 years.

Another inexpensive roofing option is going the metal route. Depending on whether you choose a corrugated or steel metal roof, the price per square foot could range from $2 to $4. These roofs are considered eco-friendly and energy efficient, but they can be noisier than other roofing materials.

Whether you’re interested in repairing your roof or replacing it entirely, Creative Innovation Developers Inc. have the roofing experts you’ll need to get the job done. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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