Keeping a Kitchen Remodel on Schedule

Keeping a Kitchen Remodel on Schedule

A kitchen remodel is a major home renovation, and keeping it on schedule is a top priority for most homeowners. For one, it’ll save you money. Especially during a time of high inflation, delays can mean increasing costs. What’s more, most people can’t afford to live outside their home while it’s under construction. Delays prolong the discomfort of living without a kitchen.

But there are ways to plan ahead to avoid construction delays during your kitchen remodel. When preparing for a kitchen renovation and developing a schedule with your contractor, there are two major factors you should consider: material delays and labor delays.

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Appliances like ranges, dishwashers, and refrigerators sometimes have long lead times. Make sure to order them as quickly as possible.

Given enough time, the impact of material delays can be mitigated. Get started early picking out your materials, and always ask about lead times. Some materials are ready-to-ship, while others have lead times of weeks or even months. As a general guideline, it’s best to order appliances, cabinets, windows, and doors as early as possible, as these will likely have the longest lead times.

Scheduling your kitchen remodel during specific months can also help to avoid construction delays, though this is something you’ll simply have less control over. Fortunately for us Southern Californians, weather doesn’t usually impact construction schedules like it can in other areas where cold weather and snow can slow down or halt some construction projects.

Still, if you try to schedule a remodel during peak holiday season (November-January), you might run into some delays as people tend to travel or take additional days off during this time. On the other hand, summer construction can sometimes be difficult because it is the time when many people (including subcontractors!) are taking longer vacations. If you can squeeze your kitchen remodel between these vacation- and holiday-heavy months, your project may suffer less from labor delays.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, and you want to keep construction on schedule, then give us a call. At Creative Innovation Developers, we value clear communication and offer dedicated project management that will help your kitchen remodel go smoothly and stay on schedule.

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