The Endless Possibilities of Custom Cabinets

The Endless Possibilities of Custom Cabinets

When remodeling a kitchen, one of the most important decisions a homeowner will make is about the cabinet construction. The cost of cabinets can also take up a sizeable portion of a homeowner’s overall remodeling cost. That is why it’s important, early in the remodeling process, to determine the type of cabinets that best suit your needs and your budget. Custom cabinets are a great option for a personalized kitchen, but there are also ways to achieve the custom feel without the custom cabinet cost.

In addition to their quality, one of the greatest benefits of custom cabinetry is fit. No matter the size of your kitchen, custom cabinets can be made to fill the space, giving you the maximum amount of storage possible. Plus, you can personalize the size and arrangement of the cabinetry, so your kitchen cabinets perfectly accommodate your style and preferences. The downside to custom cabinets is their cost and, in some cases, the amount of time it takes to build them.

silver utensils in drawer
Custom inserts can be added to custom cabinets or purchased separately to fit a variety of common cabinet dimensions.

Another way to customize your cabinetry beyond their actual construction is with specialized inserts. Cabinet technology is better than it’s ever been, and it’s now possible to customize cabinets to hold nearly any kitchen appliance, cooking gadget, serving dish, or dining utensil. For example, you could add a slim spice drawer next to your stove to better organize and see your spice jars, or customize a floor-to-ceiling cabinet to serve as a pull-out pantry. Drawers can also be customized to hold cutlery, utensils, dishes, and other common kitchen supplies.

While some homeowners might be intimidated by the cost of custom cabinets, there are actually several options to purchase individual inserts that will fit the most common cabinet dimensions. So, if you’re on a budget but still want the custom feel, consider combining more affordable ready-to-assemble (RTA) or pre-fabricated cabinets with custom accessories to help improve organization in your kitchen.

Regardless of what your kitchen layout, size, or remodel budget is, the experts at Creative Innovation Developers Inc. can help you achieve the personalized kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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