Things to Consider before Starting a Kitchen Remodel

Things to Consider before Starting a Kitchen Remodel

Alongside the boom in the housing market, there is currently a high demand for general home remodeling work. And, perhaps because it is the heart of the home, new and veteran homeowners alike seem eager to update their kitchens. But before rushing into a big project like a kitchen remodel, there are some important things to consider that can help you better prepare for the renovation process.

Often, homeowners’ number one concern is the cost. However, there are many ways to upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank. If you’re determined to complete a kitchen remodel in the near future, what you should actually consider first is time. How will a remodel fit into your busy schedule? How much do you want to change, and how long will it take? Depending on the scope of the remodel, redoing your kitchen can take anywhere from a couple weeks to several months.

Small improvements—things like repainting cabinets, updating hardware, swapping out existing lighting fixtures, or installing a new tile backsplash—will be the least expensive and will take the least amount of time. However, if you want to fully gut and renovate your kitchen, you should plan for a longer time commitment and the possible interference it might have on your day-to-day schedule.

Kitchen cabinets painted white and hunter green.
Beautiful, freshly painted kitchen cabinets in a dual color combination.

Of course, there is always the cost to consider. The average cost of a kitchen remodel will vary widely depending on your location, the materials you want to use, and the size of your kitchen. Doing a preliminary search on the average cost of kitchen remodels in your area and looking up kitchen remodel contractors near you can help give you a better sense of average prices in your area. You could also use websites like Houzz and Yelp to check out remodeling projects and contractors near you. Sometimes contractors will post price ranges along with pictures of their recent projects or homeowners will add comments and reviews that include the scope of the remodeling work completed and how much they paid.

Getting in touch with a contractor is the best way to plan for both the time and cost of a kitchen remodel. They will be able to give you an estimate for everything from a minor kitchen refresh to a full-scale kitchen remodel. Additionally, they can connect you with other remodeling professionals in the industry (like kitchen designers, architects, plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers, and others) to come up with the best kitchen remodel plan at the right price.

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, we’d recommend reaching out to our experts at Creative Innovation Developers Inc. They can help you come up with your kitchen remodeling budget, and they’ll work with you to develop a construction schedule that fits well with your and your family’s daily lives. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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