Three Exterior Remodeling Ideas for Maximum ROI in Burbank

Three Exterior Remodeling Ideas for Maximum ROI in Burbank

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to your home’s exterior. Whether you’re planning to sell your house or simply want to boost its aesthetic appeal, investing in exterior remodeling can significantly increase your property’s value. Let’s explore three exterior remodeling ideas that can maximize your return on investment.

Apply a New Coat of Paint

Few things can transform a home as dramatically as a fresh coat of paint. To maximize curb appeal, consider accentuating architectural details with a contrasting color or updating the front door with a bold statement hue. Remember, neutral shades appeal to a broader audience, making your home more marketable if you decide to sell. A fresh coat of exterior paint is a budget-friendly upgrade that can yield a high ROI, especially when you choose durable, weather-resistant paints that stand the test of time.

A photo of a yellow front door behind an iron railing.
Painting your front door a bold contrasting color is a fun way to add visual appeal to your home’s exterior.

Raise (the Appeal of) the Roof

The roof is one of the most critical components of a home, and its condition greatly affects both curb appeal and the overall value of the property. If your roof is showing signs of wear and tear or appears outdated, consider investing in a roof upgrade. A well-maintained and stylish roof enhances curb appeal, and it can also lead to significant energy savings by improving insulation and ventilation. Moreover, when it comes time to sell your home, a new and attractive roof is sure to leave a lasting impression on potential buyers, resulting in a higher ROI.

Modernize Your Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are not just functional components of a home; they can also be prominent architectural features that greatly impact curb appeal. Outdated or worn windows and doors can make your home appear dated and uninviting. Consider upgrading to energy-efficient, stylish windows that suit your home’s design.

Likewise, a new front door can create a lasting impression and make a bold statement about your property. Choose a door that complements your home’s exterior, and consider options with decorative glass panels or unique hardware to add style. Not only do these upgrades improve curb appeal, but they also enhance energy efficiency, potentially leading to cost savings and a higher resale value.

If you’re considering investing in exterior remodeling as a way to add curb appeal and boost your home’s ROI, let us know! We specialize in exterior remodeling services such as roofing and painting. Give us a call today for a free consultation and complimentary estimate.